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Welcome to the 2019 Contra Costa County Fair On-line Entry System.
Prior to getting started, please have the competition handbook for your specific program and any necessary entry paperwork with you.  
Each year everyone must register as a new exhibitor. Information from previous year has not been saved.
Single Exhibitor: Enter your full First and Last Name
Club Leader/Teacher/Parent: you can use the "Quick Group" tool to enter multiple exhibtor's entries.
Team/Company: ONLY use when entering entries made by multiple individuals i.e. group art projects.
ATTENTION LIVESTOCK EXHIBITORS  (ages 8-21): You are required to provide your YQCA Certificate number when you enter.
To create an entry, please complete the following steps, use the down arrow as needed throughout:
1. Choose a department (i.e. Swine Show, Special Stars, Adult & Youth Fiber Art)
2. Choose your division
3. Choose from the list of classes within that division
4. Please pay attention fo any special instructions that will be located in a yellow bar on the top of the screen.